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A Successful First Week!

A Successful First Week!

As our Prep 6 bell ringer dutifully (and loudly) indicates that it is time for lunch, it is clear that the first full week back at Mylnhurst is drawing to a close. As I reflect upon the start of term, our core values spring to mind.


What an enormous joy it has been to have our families back to Mylnhurst. On a personal note, it has been such a pleasure to meet mums, dads, grandparents and nannies, so many of whom have shared with me their Mylnhurst stories and their love for the school. Whilst we can’t wait for the day that we can welcome you again into our buildings and grounds, your presence has been very much felt.


From Nursery to Prep 6, the children’s readiness and excitement for learning has been abundantly clear. From reading to P.E., our pupils have amazed us all by showing that, despite recent events, they are as determined and inquisitive as ever.


With the implementation of our Behaviour Policy underway, I have been thrilled to see the number of House Points being achieved across the school. Now, more than ever, our pupils’ ability to have respect for those around them has come to the fore; they have accepted our new routines without question and we are so proud of their maturity and positivity in the face of change.


The successful and happy start to the term would not have been possible without the precious partnership that we enjoy between home and school. On behalf of all of the staff, we are enormously grateful for our parents’ cooperation, feedback and patience since the children returned to Mylnhurst.


Looking at the faces of some of our youngest Mylnhurst learners, it may be an achievement if they make it through this final day of our first full week back without needing a nap! The children deserve an enormous ‘well done’ for how well they have adapted back to life at school; it is no exaggeration to say that it feels as if they have never been away. Today and next week, I will have the pleasure of announcing some significant achievements for our pupils. Our first Class Captains will be appointed in our Key Stage assemblies and, this afternoon, our House Captains, Sports Captains and Heads and Deputies will be revealed. Find out who has been appointed in our interviews with the children next week!

Mrs H Cunningham