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Nursery are ‘Bloomin’ Marvellous’

Nursery are ‘Bloomin’ Marvellous’

Nursery have been preparing their garden for Autumn.

The children tidied the planters and put all the weeds in the recycling bin. They also helped plant some bedding plants—Pansies and Cyclamen and buried some Spring bulbs—Crocus and Daffodils deep in the soil.

The children gave all the new plants a good drink with the watering cans and are looking forward to some beautiful flowers and a very colourful garden, a big thankyou to our green fingered parent Mrs Palmer-Young for all her help.IMG_1459

The Nursery, who currently have the theme of ‘Autumn’ across their curriculum,  have been learning all about the season by looking around the beautiful grounds with Reception for signs of Autumn. The children noticed how some trees were losing their leaves and how they were changing into different colours. They have also been printing with dry leaves and making rubbings from the bark on the trees.

They talked about the changes taking place in the weather and that we would soon need to wear warmer clothes. One of their favourite stories at the moment is about Percy the Park keeper.