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At Mylnhurst, we are fortunate to boast a talented team of specialist teachers who are each experts in their field. From the very start of their journey at our school, STEM subjects are a prominent part of children’s learning.

We value a ‘hands-on’ approach; maths lessons always involve exploring a concept using concrete materials before we think about putting pencil to paper. Our computing teacher delivers lessons in our iMac Suite, which run both Apple and Microsoft software so that our pupils are proficient on both systems. Google Classroom has been introduced so that lessons can be accessed anytime, anywhere. From Prep 3, science lessons are taught in our lab, allowing children to take their learning to its furthest reaches. Design and technology projects allow pupils to design, create and evaluate products and our pupils use our purpose-built kitchen to learn about the art and science and cooking, bringing home plenty of tasty treats in the process!