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Wellbeing & Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a fundamental pillar of everything we do at Mylnhurst. We know that children can only learn and thrive when they are happy. For this reason, our pupils’ wellbeing is our first-priority.

Our counsellor joins us once a week to see children for both formal counselling or if they are simply in need of a chat. She works in our dedicated Nurture Room, where pupils spend time if they need a break away from the classroom. Many of our Teaching Assistants have qualifications that enable us to offer additional support to our children, including Lego Therapy.

Of course, Pastoral Care is not seen as a ‘bolt-on’ to the rest of our curriculum, it is interwoven in every part of the day: from the food the children eat to the way we speak to one another, the timetable design to the playground. We encourage our pupils to take notice of the world around them: no matter the weather, lessons will often take place outside, making the most of our extensive grounds and ancient woodland with our Forest School trained members of staff. Great value is placed on service to others, whether that is helping a fellow pupil or through charitable endeavours. We teach our pupils the importance of active, healthy lifestyles; games, P.E., swimming and dance are part of every class’ weekly timetable, in addition to all of the enrichment opportunities our pupils can elect to take part in. Mental and physical health and happiness are promoted at every opportunity.